Stamped Concrete – A Great Patio Paving Solution

Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete is made by compressing concrete onto a stamping drum, which leaves a pattern on the concrete. The most common places you see stamped concrete are in personal and commercial applications. Stamped concrete has an incredible variety of decorative effects from simple to intricate. Stamped concrete can be stamped into almost any pattern to create complex designs. It can be stamped into many colors to add splashes of color to pavers, brick, gravel, and other surfaces.

Because stamped concrete does not chip, dent, or break, it has a long lifespan compared to other forms of poured concrete. Another benefit of stamped concrete over other forms of poured concrete is that there are no gaps between the concrete and the surrounding structure. This eliminates the need for grout or sealing between the concrete and structure, which can increase the cost of repair and maintenance over time. Because of its longevity and decorative properties, stamped concrete has a high demand among residential and commercial customers.

There are several different types of stamped concrete available to create stunning decorative patterns. One of the most popular choices for stamped concrete patios is Slate. Stone patios are increasing in popularity because of their availability and beautiful natural texture. When choosing stone for a stone patio, be sure to choose a coarse stone such as sandstone or limestone for the best texture. Lighter colored stone will not stand up to the heat and UV rays of the sun as well as heavier weightstones can crack and break.

Another option for creating a stone patio is slate. Slate is a bit more expensive than some other paving materials, but it is ideal for use in bumpy areas, where cracking might occur due to wind, foot traffic, or other conditions. The natural pattern in slate is quite pleasing to the eye and is easy to repair damaged spots. Since this is a heavier material, many homeowners do not mind the cost of this addition to their home.

Another popular style of Stamped Concrete is Quarry. Quarry pavers are created by pouring thin layers of concrete on top of one another and applying a pattern with crushed stone or other material to create a rough, uneven surface. These patios can look similar to pebble or marble in appearance. Some homeowners like to decorate with Quarry patios because the texture and appearance are close to the look of stone. Quarry pavers are available in a wide variety of natural colors including grey, gold, sand, brown, and walnut.

If a stamped concrete patio is installed properly, homeowners can expect it to last for at least 25 years with proper care. To keep its beauty and long-lasting durability, a patio’s surface should be cleaned and resealed from time to time. For homeowners that are considering adding this type of paving stones to their patios or as part of an overall renovation, it is wise to consult with a professional paving company. These experts can provide information about which type of pattern will best fit the existing surroundings and maintain the timeless beauty that this type of surface provides.

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