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The talkie spy a walkie-talkie is a two-way, handheld, wireless radio transceiver. It was developed during the Second World War by the United States Army Air Corp as a means of communication. It operated by picking up a transmission from a fixed base and then transmitting it either forward or back to the user. During the Second World War, the use of walkie-talkie became extensively used by U.S. military personnel. The use of this radio apparatus was of particular benefit during operations in which troops were stationed in foreign countries.


A walkie-talkie is a hand held, portable, two-way radio transceiver utilized for general purposes. The basic function of these devices is to create a communication link between two or more locations by picking up a transmission from a fixed point and transmitting it either by electrical or manual operation back to a station. In this way, it is useful for military purposes when communication with the locals there is necessary. The development of walkie-talkie was differentially attributed to the three major military branches of the US Army: The Regular Army, The Navy and The Air Force.

One of the advantages of walkie-talkie when compared to traditional two way radios was that they could be used in a wider range and for longer distances. They were also relatively cheaper than their two way counterparts. Since the invention of the walkie-talkie by the US Army, its use has expanded to civilian organizations as well. There have been several versions of the two way radios since the world war ii. The most popular and widely used among them are the scopes, tactical, general, fire-base and emergency. However, it was in the year nineteen eighty-one that the first commercial walkie-talkie was introduced commercially.

The walkie-talkie has made an important place in our daily lives. This small hand held device has enabled us to carry out several functions without any wires or cords. For example, the use of a walkie-talkie allows you to send a signal to your friends and family residing miles away. It is also useful in emergency situations where your help is required at a short notice. The best thing about the walkie-talkie is that you do not need an elaborate system for operating it. All you need is a regular telephone system and a Morse code.

The walkie-talkie can be powered either by holding the handset in your hand or by inserting an antenna into an earpiece. It is available with different channels depending on the frequency that you are using. You can pick up a walkie-talkie from any retailer who sells mobile phones and their accessories. If you want to make your mobile phone ring when someone calls at your place, you should have your own cb radio. There are different types of walkie-talkies available in the market and you can choose one that suits your requirements. You can also use the internet to find information on different types of walkie-talkies and a radio.

You can download a cb radio and walkie-talkie app for free. These two handy devices are useful for communication in case of an emergency. Thus, you can make use of a walkie-talkie app to find out more about the latest technological innovations and enjoy a hands-free communication experience.

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