Have You Visited Sicily?

Have you always wanted to travel to Sicily but you have never taken the time to find out about the many Sicilian excursions and hotel accommodations? Sicily is one of those interesting islands located at the foot of the Italian Alps. It is part of the Venetian territory so if you plan to visit Sicily, you have to follow certain rules and regulations. Luckily Sicily is a safe destination so you will not face any problems. However, if you want to avoid being booked into a typical tourist trap you need to know a little bit more about traveling to Sicily.

Sicily excursions

Sicily Excursions check for more has been operating in the travel sector for 10 years now. If you’re traveling to Sicily without a vehicle here you can easily get a feel for the place by joining a local guided tours, there is a way for you to really experience Sicily whether it be the history, the culture, the traditions, food and even the beauty of this unique island! We have been running regular tours to Sicily and have always had positive feedback from our customers. Our objective is to offer a unique travel experience through the Italian countryside and to let travelers discover Sicily the way people have always dreamed of. Our mission is to produce truly memorable vacations that last a lifetime!

In addition to a guided tour, you should also consider staying at a Sicily villa as opposed to visiting a popular tourist trap like a beach hotel. The reason why is because a Sicily villa offers an authentic experience to travelers. If you love nature and you love the sound of running water than a Sicily villa is definitely the place for you. During your stay you will be able to go hiking or biking around the island as well as enjoying swimming, sailing, relaxing in your private boat or exploring the sights and sounds of the island. You may choose to visit the volcanic peaks of Sicily such as the Caton or the Monte Tauro while you’re in Sicily, or you might prefer to visit one of the many towns on Sicily’s south coast like Ragusa, Acqua Maria, or Syracuse. You can also visit the historic city of Sicily, the birthplace of Picasso, at anytime during your trip, although you will probably not be able to visit the famous Catacombs of Sicily which were found inside of Catacombs, but that’s okay because they are right next door to it anyway!

In your villa you will have all the comforts of home along with delicious Mediterranean cuisine, wine, and friendly Italian staff to assist you along every step of your trip. You will be given tours of various places in Sicily and you will even be allowed to visit some of the sites that we explore throughout the year. Our excursion leaders are ex-patrials who have been to all of the major sites and they know where they are going. In addition to being knowledgeable about the region you’ll be able to enjoy the luxurious surroundings, superior service, and the thrill of exploration while exploring Sicily. A trip like this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will never forget.

You’ll have the choice between driving yourself around Sicily or taking a rented boat along the coast to several of the smaller islands. If your budget is very tight, you may want to consider taking a ride on a local boat so that you can experience the breathtaking scenery up-close and personal. The island of Sicily is made up of five different cities including Messina, Catania, Syracuse, Livorno, and Pusan. Each of these cities has its own unique history, culture, and beauty, and you will be able to enjoy all of them during your Sicily excursion.

Your Sicily excursion will also take you to visit several of the most popular European beaches including Catania, Sicily, Caltanissetta, Ragusa, and Palermo. You’ll get to enjoy beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and just enjoy the day away from it all by strolling along the beach. Another thing you’ll love about visiting Sicily is the rich history that can be found throughout the area. Many of these ancient ruins are open to the public for viewing. When visiting Sicily you’ll want to make sure to stop at one of these historical sites so that you can learn a little bit about the history of the place.

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