Cummins Insite Software Review


The Cummins INSITE software is PC-based software for engine diagnostics. It provides quick and easy access to important engine information, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. The software provides engine performance information and schematic diagrams, so you can make informed decisions. The software also offers technical support and includes a one-year subscription.

The software comes in two versions – the Lite version and the Pro version. The Pro version adds additional horsepower upgrades and the ability to load calibration files. It is available for purchase directly from Cummins. Both versions are compatible with Cummins on-highway trucks and are available to purchase.

The INSITE software provides easy access to trip information and fault information. It also stores engine data, wiring diagrams, and sensor locations. The cummins insite software software can also help you optimize engine performance and reduce maintenance costs. It is a PC-based software application that delivers instant information about engine performance and faults. It is supported by the ESDN standard and has a variety of advanced diagnostic features.


The Cummins INSPEC software helps to manage the parameters of your engine’s performance. The software can also help you track fuel and emission levels, and monitor driver performance. The software has advanced features like point-and-click interface and proprietary edge detection. It is also integrated with various sensors and allows for automated calibrations.

The Cummins INSPEC software has the capability to import and export trip data. It also has the ability to automatically generate trip sheets for IFTA audits. In addition, the software features detailed route reports and system reconfiguration. The software can also recognize new drivers and optimize delivery schedules. Its integrated GPS feature also records GPS coordinates whenever specific events occur.


While Cummins Insite PRO does some things better than its predecessor, it still can’t change every single setting on your truck. It doesn’t unlock the throttle position sensor or change the ECM password. Insite can’t change the ECM password, and the older version of the software had a flaw with the throttle position sensor.

Cummins Insite PRO is an affordable, subscription-based software that includes diagnostic commands and software updates for Cummins engines. The software comes with complete wiring diagrams, step-by-step troubleshooting instructions, and diagnostic protocols. In addition, it includes a database of diesel particulate filter regens, cylinder cut-out tests, and parameters changes. It also includes step-by-step troubleshooting information and sensor location maps.

Cummins Insite PRO’s diagnostic software helps technicians troubleshoot Cummins components and improve their efficiency. The software also helps improve safety and compliance, and extends vehicle service life.

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