Unisource Rubber Expansion Joints

A rubber expansion joint is a type of compression joint that supports a high amount of pressure and movement. Its carcass is made from a combination of synthetic rubber and fabric, with interior metal reinforcement. The fabric supports the expansion joint and prevents it from breaking under high pressure. In addition to the fabric, the expansion joint also has solid rings or wire that are embedded in the joint. A leak-proof lining tube extends through the bore and to the outer edges of the flanges, eliminating the possibility of fluids entering the joint.


The UNISOURCE SERIES HA rubber expansion joint is elastomeric and thinner gauge than pressure piping, making it ideal for protecting thin-walled duct systems. It is available in two styles: circular and rectangular. The rectangular version incorporates rubber flanges on the outside, while the circular style features a continuous corner. The continuous corner eliminates splices in the joint body and near the corners. The “HA” style is designed to accommodate increased axial movement. The Series ED rubber expansion joint requires metallic backing rings.

Unisource expansion joint rubber is made of high-quality EPDM rubber and nylon tire cord reinforcing. This combination offers superior physical, chemical, and temperature resistance. It also includes a galvanized steel floating flange that engages the beaded end of the expansion joint, which speeds up installation. This expansion joint is also an excellent choice for isolating small diameter piping from vibration-producing mechanical equipment.

Series 1500 Ultra-Spool

The Series 1500 Ultra-Spool rubber expansion joint is a high-quality, domestically manufactured product designed to meet the most demanding requirements. This https://evrproducts.com/products/rubber-duckbill-check-valves/wastop-backflow-valve/ product has an extended range of movement over narrow arch designs, and features multiple plies of polyester as well as thick steel body rings for added strength and durability. Additionally, the ultra-spool design allows the unit to retain its high vacuum rating even in the highest temperatures.

These products are available in most sizes between one-half inch to 36 inches. They are manufactured using hydraulic molds and are available in single or double-sphere configurations. They are also available in larger sizes on special order. These products can also be manufactured using spool-type and arch-type connectors.

These products are a great choice for small diameter piping applications. They feature high-quality EPDM rubber core and are reinforced with nylon tire cords. Their short face-to-face dimensions make replacements easy. They are also very economical, which translates to reduced cost for your piping system.

Series 1500 Flexi-Spool

Unisource’s Series 1500 Flexi-Spool rubber expansion joints are constructed with high-quality EPDM rubber and reinforcing nylon tire cords. They are more durable and have better physical properties than Neoprene. Their galvanized steel floating flanges engage the rubber beaded end of the expansion joint, allowing for quick installation. These expansion joints are ideal for small-diameter piping applications that are exposed to vibrations.

The Series 1500 Ultra-Spool expansion joint is a hand-built domestic product that provides exceptional performance and precision in demanding applications. This high-performance expansion joint is constructed from a wide-arch design and boasts greater movement capabilities than a standard narrow arch design. These flexible joints are available with multiple-ply polyester or steel body rings, which further ensures high-quality and long-lasting performance. These expansion joints can also withstand extended temperatures, ensuring that they are ready to withstand extreme conditions.

These expansion joints are often used as flex connectors, but their versatility is not limited to them. They are also ideal for piping expansion, as they are capable of absorbing both thermal and temporary pipe movements. They can also be used as part of a metal bellows expansion joint system, with metal bellows, main anchors, and rubber expansion joint guides.

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