Train Tours From Banff to Vancouver

If you want to experience the true beauty of the Canadian Rockies, train tours are an excellent option. The Rocky Mountaineer train service connects Vancouver with the mountain towns. You can choose between two routes: the Rainforest to Gold Rush route and the Journey Through the Clouds route. There are also scenic stretches such as Stoney Creek bridge.

Rocky Mountaineer trains connect Vancouver to the mountain towns

If you’d like to visit the mountain towns, you’ll love the Rocky Mountaineer trains. The train service offers spacious coaches with large glass-dome windows and wide seats. Guests can also enjoy refreshments and snacks during the train ride. And since the trains travel only by daylight, you’ll be able to enjoy the scenery without having to worry about carrying your luggage.

Journey through the Clouds route

The Journey through the Clouds route offers stunning scenery and incredible views, and will take you from Jasper in the Canadian Rockies to Kamloops in British Columbia’s Interior. Passing through the Monashee and Cariboo Mountains, you’ll experience Pyramid Falls and the majestic Yellowhead Pass. You’ll also pass along the North Thompson River. The train also offers onboard commentary from a host.

Rainforest to Gold Rush route

If you’re looking for a scenic rail journey that offers an in-depth look¬† at Western Canada’s flora and fauna, the Rainforest to Gold Rush route is for you. Starting in Vancouver, this three-day route will take you through Whistler, Quesnel and Jasper. You’ll pass through lush rainforests and stunning waterfalls en route.

Stoney Creek bridge

The Stoney Creek bridge is the highest rail bridge in North America. You can see it on a train tour from Banff to Vancouver. The bridge is 1,194 feet long and 312 feet high. As you cross it, you will also get to see the magnificent Canadian Rockies.

Quesnel bridge

If you’re looking for something different from the usual tourist itinerary, try one of the many train tours to Quesnel bridge. You’ll see the world’s longest wooden truss footbridge, a renowned Greek restaurant, and a riverside casino. There’s also a town museum, and you might even come across the town’s supposedly haunted doll, Mandy.

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