The Different Types of Rum

Rum is a staple in classic cocktails. It is distilled from sugarcane and is aged for different periods of time. There are light, medium and dark rums. Light rum is commonly used in mojitos, pina coladas and daiquiris. Some light rums are clear, while others are darker in color. Dark rum is more complex. The darker rum is usually used in cocktails such as daiquiris, tiki drinks and whiskey cocktails.

Light rum is generally referred to as “white” rum. White rum is made from sugarcane products, and is typically distilled into a clear alcohol. This clear alcohol is then aged in oak barrels. During the aging process, the flavor of the rum changes and the alcohol is clearer. Most white rums are aged for a short period, usually a few months. Generally, this produces a light rum that has a fruity, light flavor.

Royal rum is a combination of many rums that have been matured for a certain amount of time. These rums are generally more complex than their unaged counterparts. For instance, the royal rum Royal Standard Dry Rum is a blend of three year old rums from Barbados and Tinidad. As a result, the Royal Standard Dry Rum has a smooth, well-balanced flavor.

Another type of rum is the XO. XO is made from a blend of aged and young rums. While the label on this rum may not be as snazzy as the Royal rum, it does have a nice balance between the more matured rums and the more youthful ones. In addition, the XO is produced from the highest quality rums.

BACARDI Anejo Cuatro is a delicious mix of rum, lime and orange peel. In addition to the rum, it also includes orange zest and bitters. To make the BACARDI Anejo Cuatro, ice is added and the cocktail is stirred. When served, it is placed in a rocks glass.

Ron Zacapa Royal Rum is a decadent rum from Guatemala. It is made from a solera system. Unlike most rums, it is not a specific age. However, it is finished in French oak casks from Le Bois du Roy. The finish on this rum is rich, resulting in a variety of flavors including marzipan, ground almonds, and roasted nuts. Regardless of what you prefer, this is a good choice for a variety of cocktails.

If you are looking for an exotic rum, you might want to try NPK Rum Hibiscus Royal. This rum is infused with hibiscus flower and can be processed in shooters or long drinks. Both the rum and the flower are certified by sgs.

The Reserva ‘Limitada’ rum is a great tasting rum that will work well in a tasting session or just on its own. It has plenty of cedar notes and delicious caramelised vanilla. You should serve this rum in a wide glass to allow the aromas to pass through.

Ron Zacapa Royal Rum is not yet sold in the US. However, you can try it out by ordering a bottle from Rhum Attitude, an online rum shop. Their team of experts is available to offer advice on their products, as well as to provide samples and bottles.

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