The Benefits of Drug Occupational Testing in the Workplace

Workplace drug testing is a vital tool for businesses to protect themselves and their employees. It can save money, reduce employee turnover and increase productivity by detecting drug abuse in the workplace before it becomes an issue.

Identifying an employee with drug abuse issues and offering them treatment is a great way to prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace. It also keeps employees healthy and productive so they can focus on their job duties without interruptions caused by drugs.

The safety of your workers is the most important reason to conduct drug tests in the workplace. It can be especially critical for safety-sensitive jobs involving operating machinery or driving vehicles, such as construction or oil and gas companies.

In most states, employers can use drug testing as part of a pre-employment physical exam. However, this test must be conducted at an occupational health clinic, and the applicant must provide a urine sample in a sealed container. It must also be conducted by a medical professional certified in the field of substance abuse, so that the employee has the right to privacy.

Employers often have a written policy on when they can search an employee for drug use, such as during a random testing program or after an accident or injury. These policies should respect privacy, and searches can be carried out by a member of staff with the same sex as the suspected employee, or by a witness who is also present at the time of the search.

There are various types of drug testing that can be used in the workplace, and all have their pros and cons. These include:

Reduce Your Turnover Rate

Drug use can cause a negative impact on your company culture, leading to high turnover rates and a lack of employee loyalty. It can also affect your public image and lead to errors or safety concerns that can be costly to fix.

Increasing your turnover is a major loss for any business or organization, and it can be especially detrimental to a small company that needs reliable workers. Moreover, it can make your business look bad to potential customers and clients.

The best way to lower your turnover rate is to send all applicants for a drug test north stream, and only hire those that pass the test. This way, you can be sure that you are only hiring the most reliable and qualified employees.

You can even offer employees who have tested positive for drugs and alcohol education and rehab programs, to help them overcome their past problems. These programs can include individual counseling, group sessions and 12-step meetings.

This will help them get better and stay clean so that they can continue working for you. In addition, it will give you peace of mind knowing that your business is being run smoothly and safely by responsible, accountable employees.

Keep Your Workplace Safe

There is a growing number of employers who are using drug occupational testing to ensure the safety of their employees. This is a proactive approach that can reduce injuries and losses to your business, as well as the costs of litigation, employee theft and medical expenses.

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