Solar Shades Calgary – A Guide to Buying Solar Shades

Solar shades Calgary are a great way to reduce heat and UV rays in your home. They also prevent furniture and carpets from fading and provide an attractive appearance. You can choose from a wide variety of styles, colors and textures.

Depending on your needs, you can select a percentage of openness for your solar shade to control light filtration and privacy. The lower the openness, the better the shade blocks out sunlight but not as much light will filter through into your room. The higher the openness, the more you can see outside, but the less you will be able to block out UV rays.

The 3%, 5%, and 10% openness levels offer a variety of light-filtering options to fit your needs. They are available with a wide range of fabric colors, so you can match your decor.

When selecting a percentage, consider the direction your windows face and the amount of sun you want to block. For example, South-facing windows will require a higher openness percentage to block out more sunlight than North-facing windows.

You can also select a fabric that has anti-glare properties, reducing glare from screens and TVs that are in close proximity to the window. These fabrics are made from special, non-metallic materials that reflect the sun’s rays instead of penetrating the windows and entering your space.

They come in a variety of opacities, and they’re incredibly easy to clean. You can wipe them down with a damp cloth or even with a vacuum cleaner brush attachment.

Unlike roller shades, solar shades are designed to be pulled up and down by a single wand or cord. They are very simple to operate and you can choose from a variety of child-friendly lifts that include continuous loop, cordless, smart pull, and motorized.

Your window treatments should be a reflection of your home’s style and personality. The right type of window covering can make the difference between a dated look and an inviting modern one. You can also choose from a wide array of patterns, colors, and textures to find the perfect window treatment for your needs.

These shades can also help you save money on energy costs by reducing the amount of heat that enters your home. They can be adjusted to lower your AC or heating costs in the winter or summer. They can also help you cut down on the amount of UV rays that damage furniture and artwork.

They work well with most any interior design, so you can easily add them to your Calgary home without worrying about sacrificing your style or budget. You can also choose from a variety of child-friendly and pet-safe lift options to meet your unique needs.

A solar shade is a great option for any room that receives direct sunlight, as it protects your eyes from harmful UV rays. It also helps reduce glare and improves the appearance of your screen-based devices, allowing you to watch your favorite shows without straining or squinting to avoid eye fatigue.

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