Shout Media Education – Connecting Students With Interdisciplinary Media Content

Shout media education connects students with a variety of high-quality, interdisciplinary media content, including videos, interactive games, educational activities and more. The program is a joint project of the Smithsonian Institution, Microsoft Partners in Learning and TakingITGlobal and provides educators with resources that help them integrate media content into their classrooms.

The Smithsonian, one of the world’s leading museums and research institutions, offers a series of webinars with experts on land and water topics that students and educators can access free through Shout. These online conferences, which can be viewed live or archived, provide educators with tools and ideas to integrate Shout’s interdisciplinary environmental content into their curriculum.

Teachers who participate in the Shout program can earn Smithsonian badges for learning activities related to land and water themes. They can also attend a Teacher Preview Session to learn how to use Shout’s downloadable interdisciplinary environmental content in their lessons and workshops.

In the past, educators who wanted to explore environmental issues in their classrooms had to make do without access to high-quality, interdisciplinary shout media education solutions resources. With Shout, they can find content that meets standards and helps them meet the needs of their diverse students.

Whether they’re exploring deforestation, water quality or other topics, students can be empowered to act on their own and learn about the impact of their actions. They’ll have the chance to learn about climate change, create social action campaigns and build awareness for a cause.

This year’s Earth Day is coming up and many schools are planning activities that will focus on the environment. A new global challenge from Shout, a program of the Smithsonian and Partners in Learning, will give students the opportunity to do something about it.

As students learn about and participate in projects addressing global environmental concerns, they’ll be able to share their learning with others around the globe. As a result, they’ll gain valuable skills that can be used in future academic or professional careers.

They can even learn about science while they’re at it. In January, the Shout partnership will issue a global challenge to engage thousands of schools around the world in tree banding experiments.

By participating in this challenge, students will learn about how trees respond to changes in climate and how to protect them. They’ll also be able to see what happens when students and communities work together to solve problems.

In addition, the project is a great example of how technology can be used to transform teaching and learning. The Smithsonian is a partner in this project because it has expertise in the area of science, allowing students to apply their learning in real-world situations.

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