sexual assault

Bill Bhangal is a successful businessman and has volunteered for charities in the community. He is considered a strong character and a great fit for the case. He has two letters of reference praising his character. He has also served on a jury and is currently under house arrest. This case has many lessons to teach people about the value of character and a strong work ethic.

Bill Hundal

On December 20, 2006, a jury found Bill Hundal guilty of six counts of lewd acts on his daughter. He was sentenced to six years in state prison. His trial was complicated, as he wanted Lowenstein to be his lead attorney. But the court ruled that two defense attorneys couldn’t question the same witness or perform the same task. The Bill Bhangal prosecution presented surveillance videotapes of the Hundal family and testimony from the police officer who discovered adult pornography on Hundal’s computer. The trial also featured testimony from the victim.

Jiffy Lube

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Sexual assault

On the day of the sexual assault, the complainant accompanied Bhangal to count lawn signs in a neighbourhood in Brampton. He was gathering data for the upcoming provincial election. As they sat in a secluded road, Bhangal kissed her and groped her under her shirt. When a van approached, she told Bhangal to stop. The next day, she told her mother and supervisor at work about her experience.

House arrest sentence

Bill Bhangal was sentenced to four months of house arrest for one count of sexual assault after a judge found him guilty of molesting a woman in 2011. The alleged victim, who was 18 years old at the time, hopes the Crown will appeal the sentence. In the case, Bhangal drove his victim to a secluded area of Brampton and kissed her under her clothes. The judge called the crime a low-to-moderate crime, and said that if he were given a jail sentence, it would be disproportionate given his good character.

Marketing budget

Bill Bhangal is the owner of 10 Jiffy Lube franchises throughout Southwestern Ontario. His revenue has declined along with the economy, and his customers are coming in less frequently. Before the recession, customers would come to his locations every four to five thousand kilometers. As a result, he needs to increase his marketing budget to attract new customers.

Customer retention

One of the key challenges for a business owner is customer retention. With the economy on the wane, Bill Bhangal has seen his business’ revenue fall. Before the recession, he had an average of four or five Jiffy Lube customers per day. Now, those same customers come in every six or seven days, and they’re taking fewer services. He needs to think about how he can improve his customer retention, and how to make the most of his business.

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