Replacing Lost Or Stolen Government Photo ID in Calgary

When you lose your ID card or have it stolen, it is important to act quickly to minimize the risk of identity theft and get your replacement card as soon as possible. This article will explain how to do this and what steps you should take to protect yourself from fraud.

To replace an Alberta Government Photo ID, you must come into our registry in person. This means that you cannot authorize someone else to do this on your behalf, nor can you apply online. In addition, a driver’s licence must be presented for all services at the office.

The registry has a number of different forms of acceptable identification, including a current and valid Driver’s Licence, RCMP Record Check Certificate, Alberta Health Care Card, or Canadian passport. In some cases, you may be required to bring additional documents with you to confirm your identity, and these can include things like a birth certificate, marriage or divorce certificate, utility bill, lease agreement, or bank statement. We can help you find a way to provide these documents and meet all of the requirements for an Alberta Government Photo ID.

You will also need to bring a signed letter from your doctor verifying your medical status. In some situations, you may be required to bring in a commissioner for oaths to attest to your identity. This can be expensive and time consuming. If this is the case, we can help you by arranging for an appointment with a commissioner for oaths during our regular business hours.

In some situations, you can request a replacement ID card without having to visit a registry office in person. This process is called “expedited service” and it is only available if the previous ID card was lost or destroyed due to an event that is beyond your control. This includes situations such as fire, flood, or an accident. To qualify for expedited service, you must complete an application form, provide a letter from your doctor explaining the situation, and pay a fee of $50 plus applicable taxes.

If you have a valid Alberta Driver’s License or an Alberta ID Card, we can replace these for you as long as your original out of province licence Country Hills Plates is still valid  and it must be surrendered at the registry. This process takes up to 21 days and will leave you with a paper interim licence that does not contain a photograph. We will retain your old licence in our office and mail you the new one once it arrives at our office.

Getting a Government Photo ID in Alberta can be difficult and time consuming, especially if it has been lost or stolen. This is why it’s important to know what to do if your wallet gets lost or stolen, and to report it immediately to the authorities. This will minimize the risk of identity theft and help ensure that you can replace your lost or stolen Government Photo ID quickly.

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