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RankWarrior.com’s Cofounder, William Tomlinson, has been known to be a brilliant computer programmer, user interface designer, and webmaster, as well as a highly skilled writer of articles and web content. He is also an accomplished author, author of several books on the topic of affiliate marketing, and an expert in the field of internet marketing. Let’s take a look at some of his niche edits, and what his site has to offer to new affiliates.

Open Directory Project: Google’s Open Directory Project offers thousands of entries for websites, blogs, and software reviews. A large portion of those entries are nothing more than marketing “infographics,” which rank poorly in the search engines. This ranking technique tends to discourage new websites from even being created. On the other hand, the directories rank very well in internet search engines.

With the Open Directory Project, the Google algorithm completely ignores websites that do not comply with its policies. All searches are limited to results that are based upon submitted content. The Google algorithm also will honor websites that contain links within the content of their pages.

BlogRank: The BlogRank algorithm is a very powerful website ranking tool. This is what allows internet marketers to rank well in the search engines, as well as generate traffic to their sites. However, it is a difficult task to optimize your blog posts for BlogRank.

Link Exchange Network: The Link Exchange Network is an excellent tool for finding the best places to submit your website and generate quality backlinks. Since so many Internet marketers use this program, the experts have written numerous articles and short reports that give great details on how to do this. There are a number of links to blogs, so the sites will share links with each other. All you have to do is submit your website and then place these blogs’ links at the bottom of your articles, and link all the sites together.

Facebook Marketing: For people looking to make money on the internet, they should start by making sure that they become members of Facebook. The number of potential customers that you can reach is unlimited. Even if you have the most exciting website, the only way you can get visitors is through the social networking site.

Twitter Marketing: Twitter has become a source of news and information for both the uninitiated and the savvy. If you have a story or topic you’d like to share, you can take part in the social networking site’s famous 140-character, “tweets.” It may seem like a weird idea, but anyone who is willing to put their thoughts out there will find success in this unique community.

WordPress: If you run a WordPress blog, you probably already know that it can be difficult to get traffic to your site. Some Internet marketers attempt to leverage the popularity of WordPress but do not realize that the competition for visitors is much higher than what WordPress can handle. An experienced blogger can easily earn a full time income on their blogs using WordPress.

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