Immigration Solicitors

Immigration solicitors provide legal advice and representation on all aspects of UK visa & immigration law. They specialise in a range of visa categories including work & family visas, entrepreneur & investor visas, skilled worker visas and British citizenship applications. In addition, they also help businesses to obtain Sponsor Licences from the Home Office to recruit foreign workers and to sponsor family members on work-based visas.

Immigration is a complex area of law and requires wide-ranging legal knowledge. This includes understanding how the Home Office makes decisions, as well as the legal and political contexts that influence those decisions. The ability to respond quickly and effectively to complex cases is essential. Many immigration lawyers have an interest in international and domestic politics, and some have a background in human rights advocacy.

If you’ve had a decision made by the Home Office immigration solicitor southall that you disagree with, you may be able to challenge that decision through the appeals process. There are different ways to appeal, depending on the type of decision you want to challenge. For example, if you’re unhappy with the way in which your application was handled, you can ask for a review by the First-Tier Tribunal.

You can apply for UK citizenship by naturalisation or through registration if you meet the eligibility requirements. Our team of experienced immigration solicitors in Wembley, London can assist you with both types of applications.

UK visitors visas are available to allow individuals to travel to the UK for short periods of time. These visas are often used by students, business travellers, tourists, and those visiting relatives and friends. Our specialist immigration solicitors in Wembley can advise on all types of visitor visas.

UK asylum claims are a complex process that involves individuals seeking protection and refuge in the UK because of persecution or serious harm in their home countries. Our immigration and asylum lawyers can help with your asylum claim from beginning to end, from making an initial assessment of your situation through to a full interview with the Home Office. We can also support you in challenging a Home Office refusal decision if you believe the decision was unlawful and not in accordance with the law.

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