How to Properly Take Care of Your Trees

Whether it’s a backyard shade tree, an urban street tree or a large forest in the wild, proper care of trees can help them reach their full potential. This includes planting the right trees in the right spaces, giving them adequate water and nutrients, and removing diseased or damaged trees on a regular basis.

When planting a new tree or transplanting an existing one, it goes through a period of stress and may look slightly wilted. This is called transplant shock and should only last a few weeks. If the wilting continues for an extended period, contact your local tree care company.

After a tree has been planted, it is important to properly mulch and water it. Mulching helps insulate the roots and protects them from being cut by lawn mowers. It also helps prevent the soil from drying out, which can lead to fungus and insect infestations. We recommend spreading a thick layer of mulch around the base of the tree, leaving about 2 to 4 inches between the base of the trunk and the top of the soil.

During hot weather, it is important to water your tree regularly. A good rule of thumb is to provide an inch of water a week, or more, depending on your climate. It’s best to water your trees in the morning or early afternoon, as this allows the water to absorb into the soil and minimizes evaporation.

Another important aspect of tree care is pruning, if needed. It is recommended to prune your trees annually for shape purposes and to remove diseased or dead limbs. When pruning a tree, make sure to always make your cuts outside the branch collar. Cuts made flush with the bark can lead to rot and stubbed limbs. If your trees are in need of more extensive pruning or have been damaged by wind, snow or ice, please call your local tree service company.

An ISA-Certified Arborist can examine your trees and identify potential problems like pest infestations or nutrient deficiency. They can then recommend a plan to help your trees live long, healthy lives.

At Safari Tree, our treatment program begins in the spring with a dormant oil and fertilizer application to reduce the risk of early insect infestations. In the summer, we provide three rounds of insecticide sprays to kill EAB and other invasive insects. And in the fall, we apply a fertilizer and anti-desiccant to give your trees a strong start to the next year. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive tree care services! We can’t wait to show you how we can keep your property beautiful!

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