How to Choose the Right Semi Truck Towing Service

If you’re having a problem with your semi truck and you’re in need of towing services, you’re not alone. There are many different companies available and hiring the right one is crucial to the safety of your vehicle and a speedy recovery. Here are some tips to choose the right towing service.

Heavy-duty tow trucks

The tow capacity of heavy-duty trucks is based on the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). This factor takes into consideration the tow truck’s weight, along with cargo, passengers and onboard fluids. This number determines the maximum operating mass of a vehicle and its maximum towing capacity. Heavy-duty tow trucks offer a safer alternative to traditional towing options.

These trucks are specially equipped to tow a large variety of vehicles, including semi trucks and other heavy vehicles. They can even tow a full-size jetliner. This kind of truck is equipped with large-sized tires to prevent overturning, and their amplified recovery mechanism helps them pull a large vehicle to safety.


Kingpins are an essential part of a semi truck’s towing system. These kingpins help to secure the trailer and facilitate coupling and pivoting. Most semi trucks use kingpins that have the same diameter as their cab, but not always. In some cases, kingpins can be up to three-and-a-half inches in diameter. Regardless of the size of your semi truck’s kingpins, making sure that¬†semi truck towing they match the size of the fifth-wheel trailer you are towing is essential for safe towing.

Kingpins are made from steel and are an integral part of the fifth-wheel coupling apparatus. If you want to prevent your truck trailer from disengaging from the fifth-wheel hitch, you must tighten or loosen the bolt at the kingpin. A loose kingpin will cause your semi truck to lose traction and may even cause a runaway. If this happens, it could damage your truck’s fifth-wheel coupling mechanism, causing it to lose control and strike other vehicles.


Getting your truck towed can be costly. The weight of your truck and trailer will determine how much you pay per hour. You should also ask about the rate per mile and per hour. This information can be helpful in negotiating the cost with the towing company. Some states do not allow you to tow combination trailers, so you must split the load in a safe location. Fuel haulers often tow their trailers along the route in order to offload fuel.

It is important to know that the cost of semi truck towing varies depending on the location and towing company. Additionally, if you need to keep the trailer after towing, the towing operator may charge you for the storage fees. The total cost of towing will also vary depending on whether the truck and trailer are pulled together.


Whether your vehicle has broken down or you need roadside assistance, the reliability of semi truck towing services can help you get back on the road quickly and safely. These services are run by certified experts and offer a guarantee on their services. They will take care of roadside repairs or bring your vehicle to a safe location within a 50-mile radius.

While diesel engines offer better fuel mileage, it is important to keep in mind that they take longer to warm up. This is especially true for trucks that are used for long distances. Also, frequent stops can damage your vehicle and ruin its fuel efficiency.


If you are interested in driving a semi truck and want a career with a variety of different tasks, you should consider training as a semi truck towing driver. This type of job requires a great deal of patience and interpersonal skills. It involves dealing with people who are frustrated, angry, and distraught and will require your full attention and understanding of their needs.

If you are thinking about getting this type of job, you should consider a level III Heavy Duty Certification. This certification is the most rigorous and requires applicants to have at least a CDL with endorsements and two years of experience as a towing specialist. The exam consists of both an oral and written portion. The written portion of the exam covers basic theory, while the oral portion is designed to test your critical thinking.

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